How Can Numerology Help You?

Charlotte Stone, Numerologist

Charlotte Stone, Numerologist

It is my belief the more we know about our talents and challenges, the better equipped we are to live positive and productive lives. Our revealed talents and challenges become art pieces to be expressed. Like a weaving, not every stitch needs to be smooth and tight to be beautiful and useful. Sometimes our bumps and spaces turn out to be the best lessons for our growth.

The Importance of Understanding
Your Relationships

I have found that knowledge of basic relationships and their compatibility and challenges can help release unreasonable expectations that may not be realized or acknowledged.

It is my goal to shed a light in this area particularly. Relationship readings can be healing, astonishing, and life-changing. There may be a family member you have a difficult time communicating with, or a child who makes choices that totally baffle you, or a boss or co-worker you simply cannot please. A comparative reading will shed light on the situation, and give you the tools to make a success of these relationships.

Empower Yourself
with an Evolved Ancient Art

It is important at this time of great change, both technologically and energetically, to evolve with the shifting paradigms. NeoNumerology is based on the ancient art and its accumulated knowledge while taking into consideration that human lives, consciousness, and the world are changing . . . and changing quickly. We care about, and are challenged by, different things today than 50 years ago, let alone centuries ago.

Personalized Attention . . .
Not Computer Printouts

Computer software with generalized interpretations will only get you so far. Every single person is different, unique, and powerful in a very individualized way. Numerology hold keys to your enormous potential, chosen by you at the soul level before you incarnated. Your birth date and your name are no accidents.

Unravel the mysteries of you, build successful relationships, look into your future, and make informed, conscious choices with the universal language of numbers.